Measuring and Promoting Thriving in College

A long-running research project helps college and university professionals understand the five key components of student thriving—and how to set conditions for thriving on their campuses.

2 Catholic Colleges Add Nonbinary Policy

The College of St. Benedict for women and St. John’s University for men added a new policy explicitly allowing nonbinary students to attend either campus, cementing their support for LGBTQ+ rights.

Campus Engagement Tip: Make It Easy to Ask an Administrator

The dean of students from the King’s University College in Ontario sets up regular drop-in meetings for students to talk, ask questions and connect with him.

Program Innovation: Rethinking the First-Year Seminar

One university evolves its courses for incoming students, pulling from learner feedback, faculty insights and national trends to equip and retain students.




Why Does Physicist Barbie Want to Wear Pants?

If “femininity” and “physicist” cannot coexist even in Barbieland, how are we ever to support their coexistence in the real world, Natasha Holmes asks.

Walking Faculty Back from the Cliff

With many faculty members exhausted and burned out, higher ed needs to take the well-being of its employees seriously, Sean McCandless, Bruce McDonald and Sara Rinfret write.


Unlocking the Power of Athletics as a Brand Driver

Three ways social listening aligns athletics and central marcom strategies.

Students Need Social-Emotional Learning, Too

Elementary and secondary educators increasingly prioritize SEL. Higher ed should take note.

Career Advice

The Pressing Need for Solidarity

Faculty members can learn from the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes by actors and writers about supporting those who are more vulnerable in academe, write Rebecca McKanna, Colleen E. Wynn and Elizabeth Ziff.

Overcoming Your Career Exploration Fears: Part I

In this first of two pieces, Chris Smith and Eric Vaughn provide a framework for future success, highlighting the benefits of engaging with yourself and others.


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Peer-to-Peer Advice

Campus offers resources for faculty and staff.

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Events & Webinars

Enjoy lively discussions about trending topics.

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Data & Analysis

Download reports, surveys and more.

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Student Voice: Health and Wellness

Students share their experiences with acute and chronic stress, mental health struggles and services, and campus wellness offerings.