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Bob Odenkirk strikes with members and supporters of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA in New York City

The Pressing Need for Solidarity

Faculty members can learn from the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes by actors and writers about supporting those who are more vulnerable in academe, write Rebecca McKanna, Colleen E. Wynn and Elizabeth Ziff.

Network of circles with images of people engaging with each other including a large center circle with two people shaking hands in greeting

Overcoming Your Career Exploration Fears: Part I

In this first of two pieces, Chris Smith and Eric Vaughn provide a framework for future success, highlighting the benefits of engaging with yourself and others.

Woman in professional clothes looks at shadow of herself in mirror looking anxious with a question mark above her head

Mastering Your Mind-Set

Are you truly a Ph.D. student or just an imposter? If you are feeling as if you’re the latter, Deepa Aravind offers recommendations.

Young Hispanic scientist wearing a lab coat, looking under microscope while using laptop in a laboratory

Tackling the Leaky Pipeline

Higher education needs to provide Latinos greater access to Ph.D.s in the sciences, writes Robert W. Fernandez, who has helped develop a grassroots program to do so.

Room that's clearly being moved into with a sofa and other furniture, along with moving boxes labeled books and the like

Metaphors We Teach By

They come and go, waxing and waning as regularly as pedagogical trends, but they can have significant impacts, writes Zachary Michael Jack.

A person on top of an arrow chooses to walk in the opposite direction of other people

How to Pivot Jobs Within Higher Ed

Higher ed staff need to be nimble, flexible and creative about their careers, and that may call for moving into a totally different role or field, writes Georgia Westbrook.

Three multicultural students walking with books in their arms and happily talking together

The Art of Holding Space

Rohene Bouajram presents five key strategies to nurture graduate students for flourishing careers.

Accepted with an asterisk written in white letters on a black background

Colorism in Higher Education

It impacts the career success of Black faculty and staff, with lighter-skinned candidates more likely to be hired and promoted, writes Domonique E. Noel.