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Network of circles with images of people engaging with each other including a large center circle with two people shaking hands in greeting

Overcoming Your Career Exploration Fears: Part I

In this first of two pieces, Chris Smith and Eric Vaughn provide a framework for future success, highlighting the benefits of engaging with yourself and others.

Three multicultural students walking with books in their arms and happily talking together

The Art of Holding Space

Rohene Bouajram presents five key strategies to nurture graduate students for flourishing careers.

Person looking at a job website on a computer, with papers with data around it

What Data Tell Us About Landing a Faculty Job

Surveying recent applicants has provided insights into five key factors for success, writes Chris Smith.

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The Case for Digital Badges for Ph.D.s

Sasha Bianca Goldman explores five reasons why they could be a solution for delivering professional development and skill-building content.

Bright red lock sits on a clipboard with a list on it (opinion)

Navigating the Hidden Curriculum Part II

Aurora Washington and Rebekah Layton explore social identity, peer relationships, self-advocacy and accessing resources—in hopes of providing context and support for those just now encountering these parts of the hidden curriculum.

Bright red lock sits on a clipboard with a list on it (opinion)

Navigating the Hidden Curriculum: Part I

Aurora Washington and Rebekah Layton advise students from historically excluded groups on the benefits of networking, mentoring up and career planning.

A colorful abstract depiction of ladders, spirals and other shapes

New Metaphors to Guide Career Development

The standard one for graduate students is the ladder, which by its very nature compels us to climb, writes Vanessa Doriott Anderson. But careers can take unexpected turns.

Woman standing at top of stairs with a flag planted reaches out to help man up the stairs

Finding the Right Mentor at the Right Time

It could be just what you need to take the next step in your career journey, and identifying and working with one is easier than you might think, writes Shailee Koranne.