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Students Need Social-Emotional Learning, Too

Elementary and secondary educators increasingly prioritize SEL. Higher ed should take note.

A woman walks past a yellow and white sign advertising a vaccine clinic.

COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Are Almost Gone

Going into the 2021-2022 academic year, hundreds of U.S. colleges and universities mandated the COVID-19 vaccine for students, which had...
UT students engage in mental health initiatives.

Creating a Systemwide Mental Health Solution

To meet a growing student need for mental health care, the University of Texas took a systemwide approach to solutions, investing $16.5 million into new resources.

A photo of gloved hands sorting through a box of orange juice cartons.

For First Time, U.S. Releases Data on Student Basic Needs

Researchers long wanted a federal data set to back up their own work and make it known that college students suffer from hunger and homelessness.

Students face President Mary Dana Hinton on stage in the Hollins University Rathskellar.

President Soothes Student Stress with Stories

To support students’ mental health near finals at Hollins University, President Mary Dana Hinton created a bedtime stories event, reading to attendees from familiar children’s books over snacks.

An image of a stethoscope and a human brain, depicting the concept of mental health.

College Mental Health Counselors Aren’t OK

Long-standing failures to invest adequately in college counseling centers have left mental health professionals burned out and feeling that their roles on campus are neither appreciated nor understood, Philip J. Rosenbaum and Richard E. Webb write.

Pace University's mobile food pantry displays a variety of free food items, including plastic-wrapped cuts of meat.

Fresh Idea: Meet Food-Insecure Students Where They Are

Pace University opened a mobile food pantry in collaboration with its local food bank to provide free meals and household items to the campus community.

A photo of the Connecticut State Library and Supreme Court building.

Defamation Ruling Could Influence Title IX Cases, Policy

Court’s ruling that a former Yale undergraduate can sue the student who accused him of rape could be cited in future cases and litigation over federal Title IX rules, some experts assert.