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The nonbinary flag, which features, from top down, yellow, white, purple and black stripes of equal width, flows against a blue sky.

2 Catholic Colleges Add Nonbinary Policy

The College of St. Benedict for women and St. John’s University for men added a new policy explicitly allowing nonbinary students to attend either campus, cementing their support for LGBTQ+ rights.

An illustration showing two screenshots of the New College course catalogue not having a course available, plus a screenshot of an email about housing. Illustrations of faculty and students flank a photo of campus. All images are surrounded by an archway similar to one on New College's campus.

Chaos at New College of Florida

With the start of the semester two weeks away, students are grappling with absent professors, canceled classes and severe housing woes.

A picture of a housing complex with a graduation cap on top. Cash is being funneled into the complex to indicate it is overflowing with wealth.

Rental Increases are Slowing Down—Except in Student Housing

Rental prices for off-campus purpose-built student housing are growing faster than rents for other nearby units. At institutions already short on housing, students are really feeling the squeeze.

University of Wisconsin student with robot

Pizza-Hauling Robots and App Ordering as Campus Dining Goes High Tech

Amid the tech flashiness of automated dining services, institutions are looking to meet student expectations while growing income and efficiency as enrollment weakens.

Can Dining Halls Help Students With Eating Disorders?

Dining halls can be land mines for students with eating disorders. Some universities want to change that.

Playing Cupid on Campus

Datamatch, a website operated by Harvard students, aims to make Valentine’s Day magic by pairing students on campuses—and bribing them with free food to actually meet up.

More Than Just a Safe Space

Colleges and universities are creating more housing aimed at transgender and nonbinary students, not only to ensure their comfort and safety but also to build community.

Thinking Inside the Box

Fisk University’s enrollment is growing faster than its student housing can accommodate. The solution: modular, cost-effective residential units built from shipping containers.