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A photo of the St. Norbert College campus

St. Norbert Trustee Sues Grad for Defamation

A former administrator was accused of mishandling sexual assault issues at St. Norbert College. Now he’s a trustee and suing a graduate who publicly criticized his leadership.

A headshot of Philosophy Professor Stephen Kershnar overlapped with a copy of the message sent out to SUNY Fredonia staff and students announcing he was barred from campus.

SUNY Fredonia Fights to Keep Controversial Professor Off Campus

The tenured professor was barred from campus after his contentious comments on pedophilia prompted public outrage. He filed suit arguing that his First Amendment Rights were violated.

A person walks at Baylor University campus in Waco, Texas.

Education Dept. Affirms Exemption for Baylor From Protecting Gay Students From Harassment

Biden administration says Baptist is exempt from addressing sexual harassment claims involving students LGBTQ+ students, if it can show conflict with its religious tenets.

Northwestern Wildcats football coach Pat Fitzgerald surrounded by players in helmets and purple and white uniforms.

Northwestern Football Scandal Shines Spotlight on Hazing

An investigation uncovered a culture of sexualized hazing on the university’s football team. Experts believe it may prompt a broader reckoning among colleges that have long grappled with the problem.

A iPhone showing the text of a scam/phishing email asking the user to verify that they don't want their account deleted.

Going Phishing on Campus

Scammers have been targeting students for years, but some universities are reporting recent upticks as perpetrators develop workarounds to campus safeguards.

A photo of the Connecticut State Library and Supreme Court building.

Defamation Ruling Could Influence Title IX Cases, Policy

Court’s ruling that a former Yale undergraduate can sue the student who accused him of rape could be cited in future cases and litigation over federal Title IX rules, some experts assert.

Minnesota Weighs Limiting Public Access to Campus

The University of Minnesota is considering restricting public access to its Twin Cities campus, citing security concerns, Axios Twin Cities...
A pair of hands with darker skin resting on a table hold a hand with lighter skin in a comforting manner

Students Report Sexual Assault—but Mainly to Their Peers

According to a large-scale survey by Vector Solutions, students are significantly more likely to discuss a sexual assault with a peer than with an authority figure on campus.