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In the style of a Peanuts cartoon, a dean sits with his feet up on a light blue booth with the words "Campus Engagement" above his head and "The Dean Is In" under his feet.

Campus Engagement Tip: Make It Easy to Ask an Administrator

The dean of students from the King’s University College in Ontario sets up regular drop-in meetings for students to talk, ask questions and connect with him.

A group of first-year students smile for a photo on Wear Blue Day at Seton Hall University.

Program Innovation: Rethinking the First-Year Seminar

One university evolves its courses for incoming students, pulling from learner feedback, faculty insights and national trends to equip and retain students.

Three students meet at St. Ambrose University in a room with motivational posters hanging on the back wall.

New on the Job: Christopher Waugh, St. Ambrose University

Newly serving as the inaugural vice president of student engagement, Waugh has spent five years as the dean of students at St. Ambrose, engaging learners and connecting them to the institutional mission. One key goal is determining how to link classroom learning with outside experiences.

Two young women smile and hug on campus, outside. They're looking at the camera and appear happy.

Student Views on the College Experience

Learn what boosts and limits student participation in campus extracurriculars and events in this preview of findings from the newest Student Voice survey. Hint: timing and location of events matter, as do advertising and promotion.

Boxes of Plan B sit on a shelf in a pharmacy under a sign that reads "sexual wellness"

Student Wellness Tip: Make Emergency Contraception Accessible

Across the country, institutions are adding vending machines to their campuses for students to purchase emergency contraception when they need it.

A group of Latino mentors smile for a photo in front of a banner with a red tree logo and CREAR Futuros beneath it.

Scaling Up: Latino Peer-Mentorship with Community Resources

The Hispanic Federation partners with Hispanic-serving institutions in New York, Florida, North Carolina, Connecticut and Illinois to empower students with culturally competent resources and guidance.  

Young woman sleeps under covers in a darkened room.

Getting Students to Think Sleep

Many college students aren’t getting enough sleep. Following are six ideas for promoting sleep, including wellness pop-ups on campus, online sleep education and classroom-based interventions.

A woman stands in a classroom talking to students on their laptops in front of a wall feature a circle with the six Life Design principles.

Program Innovation: Students Consider Life Design Campuswide

An institutional focus on Life Design principles at Bowling Green State University encourages students to take charge of their life and embrace their ambitions. Two new centers provide staffing and programming for holistic student success.