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A hand with a paintbrush works on a colorful abstract painting on a wooden table.

AI Raises Complicated Questions About Authorship

As the public awaits clarity on the legality of generative AI outputs, academics parse differences between how machines and humans borrow in creative pursuits.

Bonus Episode: Campus interview with Stevens Institute of Technology Dean of Undergraduate Education Eve Riskin

Enjoy this bonus episode featuring a Campus interview with Stevens Institute of Technology Dean of Undergraduate Education Eve Riskin.

Missouri System Hit by MOVEIt Cyber Attack

The University of Missouri System is the latest institution battered in the MOVEit cybersecurity breach sweeping the nation. The system—which...
A photograph showing "AI" lit up against a dark, futuristic background. Next to the image are two red question marks.

Why Aren’t We Asking Questions of AI?

As students and professors grow more skilled at commanding chatbots to produce the outputs they want, Sean Ross Meehan wonders what this will mean for question-based inquiry. 

A drawing of students, split into two panels, to represent in-person and online education, respectively: on the left are three young adult students in a classroom and on the right is a single young adult student working at her computer in a kitchen, a cat at her feet.

‘Dynamic, Uncertain Moment’ for Online Learning

Annual survey of chief online learning officers finds that while demand is high for online-based courses, there is still room to grow.

University of Wisconsin student with robot

Pizza-Hauling Robots and App Ordering as Campus Dining Goes High Tech

Amid the tech flashiness of automated dining services, institutions are looking to meet student expectations while growing income and efficiency as enrollment weakens.

Zoom logo, contract, exclamation mark and question mark and megaphone

Zoom’s Changing Stances on AI and User Data Have Faculty Alarmed

Faculty members joined the social media outrage over Zoom’s ambiguity on using data to feed its AI and machine learning platforms. 

A job applicant smiles across the table at a hiring manager, who holds her résumé.

Career Services Offices Teach Students to Use AI

Since the launch of ChatGPT in November, career services professionals have been experimenting with ways to coach students in the use of generative AI for résumés and cover letters.