Our projects

Situation : A leading University in the USA was planning to provide its researchers secure data enclave (SDE) that met the stringent FISMA moderate security requirement to store data that is classified as Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

Approach : Vilambi Technologies with the help of University staff conducted market research which included gathering and analyzing information from other Universities, and research institution service providers and evaluating the strategic fit of providing such an offering to the researchers. The analysis included cost, legal requirements, contractual agreements, organizational setup, and technology components.

Outcome : A comprehensive research study document was put together that helped the university to plan their SDE offering.

Situation : The president of the university had laid a vision to improve the student experience and one of the areas he was focussing on was the use of physical space by the students. The current experience was disjointed, manual, and inadequate. The university was looking to improve this situation.

Approach : Along with the business and technology stakeholders, Vilambi Technologies was involved in drafting the strategy for Space management keeping in mind the student experience. This included workshops, Current state assessment, Product capability assessment, Future state validation.

Outcome : Delivered a precise set of recommendations including product consolidation, capability expansion, policy changes, and training and education that will help the university deliver the goal of the enhanced student experience in using physical space.

Situation : New leadership at the university was envisioning and propagating changes. The University’s funding model was changing. Organizational structures were being remodelled. This was the perfect storm where only teams that plan better would prevail.

Approach : Working with the Enterprise Architecture team within the Information Technology division of the University, Vilambi Technologies helped to create the Strategic and Operational planning framework based on IT Capabilities.

Outcome : Developed and delivered a well defined IT strategic planning framework that included the Capabilities definition, Capability maturity assessment, Planning cycle, Capability dashboard, and a one-stop portal for leadership to view and make decisions on long-term and short-term plans.

Situation : Data is the new oil. Organizations are looking to make well-informed decisions through data. But data is everywhere and unrefined. How can the University dig through this data mine and extract the gold it needs?

Approach : Surfacing the high-value data through mining, analysis, and eventually visualization is important. Even more important is the storytelling aspect of using visual data. Vilambi Technologies was involved in creating the portfolio roadmap, and project performance dashboards to help the Information Technology division of a University to take strategic decisions on Resources, Project prioritization, and Financial Investment.

Outcome : Sleek dashboards generated through Tableau that collated information from various data sources including Portfolio and Project management system, and Strategy Planning system. These dashboards were used on a Quarterly basis to plan and adjust strategies.